Charlie Lee Joins DAPNet Advisory Committee

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  • Source: Dapnet
  • 09/26/2019
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Cryptocurrency pioneer to advise DAPNet on policy, industry needs

NEW YORK, NY — The Digital Asset Policy Network (DAPNet) is proud to announce that Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has agreed to join its advisory committee.

Mr. Lee launched Litecoin, currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a current market cap of $2.6 billion dollars, in 2011 as a compliment to Bitcoin, ideally used for smaller transactions due to lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

In addition, Mr. Lee was an early member of the core team at Coinbase, one of the premier global cryptocurrency exchanges. He currently heads up the Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit promoting Bitcoin and Litecoin adoption.

“We are deeply honored to have Charlie Lee join the DAPNet Advisory Committee,” said DAPNet co-founder and Blockchain pioneer Nick Spanos. “Charlie is a brilliant innovator and visionary who has shown his dedication to decentralization time and time again. I am proud to have Charlie’s counsel, and even prouder to call him a friend.”

DAPNet is a 501(c)(4) led by a coalition of cryptocurrency leaders and seasoned political operatives who combine decades of experience in blockchain innovation and expertise in winning grassroots campaigns.

A voice for the tens of millions of Americans who elect to use digital assets, DAPNet has secured seven figures in initial funding and will build on already-vast digital assets to build a smart grassroots army of advocates ready to drive positive legislation and regulatory solutions to allow the emergent sector to reach its fullest potential.
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